About the Events

The U.S. Department of Energy conducted three events on June 10-12, 2014, at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, New York.

The objective of the workshop was to seek feedback from stakeholders on resilient energy systems infrastructure to transport, transmit, and deliver electric power, natural gas, and oil in the U.S. The information shared at the workshop will feed into the analysis conducted by the DOE and other federal agencies for the purpose of preparing the Year One Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) Report.

The objective of the workshop was to engage stakeholders to jointly identify R&D activities for the gap areas in enhancing electric distribution grid resilience to natural disasters. R&D activities identified will be considered by the DOE Smart Grid R&D Program in guiding its future plan development.

The Peer Review meeting was held to conduct an external review of technical R&D projects funded by the Smart Grid R&D Program; the review results will be used to help guide the projects in meeting clearly defined criteria, as well as to help support program planning and portfolio management.

 Participation in the events was open to all interested parties.