ISGAN Inventory Templates

You can use either the Access 2007 or the Excel 2007 template for inputting; please ensure that the “Enable macro” option is selected when you start.


In both templates, some cell blocks are coded with a drop-down list for selection of one or more entries. The coded cells with drop-down lists are further shaded in Excel for easy identification. Please select entries from the lists as provided, as the listed items will later be used to filter, sort, and analyze all entered data in the inventory.


Access 2007 Template | Excel 2007 Template


ISGAN Inventory Files


These files are for reference when completing your data entries. This update of the accumulated inventory has data/information on 98 projects from 18 countries, based on input received as of 27 August 2014.


Access 2007 Inventory (ver. 27 Aug 2014) | Excel 2007 Inventory (ver. 27 Aug 2014)